Web/Cloud Options

Dedicated Server

For when you need:

  • Higher level of security than a shared hosting option
  • Need to specify your own hardware requirements
  • More flexibility with hardware OS and installed software
  • Most often used by larger companies with mission critial applications

Shared Hosting

For when:

  • Good for getting started
  • It’s Affordable
  • Manageable And Convenient
  • Some customizable options

AWS Hosting


  • Storage is incredibly cheap
  • Storage is versatile
  • In no time implementation
  • Very reasonablly priced
  • Industry leader
  • High security
  • HIPPA conpliant servers available

Azure Hosting


  • High Availability
  • High security
  • Scalability
  • Cost-Effectiveness

In-house Intranet and/or Internet Servers

Used when:

  • You need Intranet & Internet connectability
  • You have full control over access to hardware & website
  • The choice of hardware, including the ease and expandability of upgrades, is yours.
  • You can manage web storage space and performance more effectively.
  • You are not contractually or legally bound to use a specific provider.

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